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SOFTSPUN Microfiber Cloth - 4 pcs - 40x40 cms - 340 GSM Grey- Thick Lint & Streak-Free Multipurpose Cloths - Automotive…


MULTI-PURPOSE: Our Vehicle Cloth Cleans exterior interior of cars two wheeler bikes seat without Chemicals. Drying towel to dust kitchen glasses platform slab counter dining table gas stove top dish utensil refrigerator home bathroom pocha hair brush floor mirror LED TV furniture sunglasses face office laptop computer monitor electronics DSLR camera lens optical glass mobile phone accessories screen
Change Your Cleaning Experience – SOFTSPUN isn’t one ordinary microfiber It’s real Premium Quality The fiber used is an excellent absorber and just cleans better than other micro fibre products, cotton or chamois. Reusable Ultra-Soft non-abrasive absorbent Designed for cleaning pros who demand performance and durability
MEDIUM SIZE pack of 4 micro fiber dusting wiping Cloths of 16″ X 16 ” – 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide (Nylon). Also available S-30×40-Big 40×60 Large 60×60 – XL 24 x 150 – 40 x 60 – 800 GSM premium and basic combo in bag of 5 – 36 piece set micro-fabric sponge chamois in yellow white pink grey red orange blue sky-blue purple roll kit. For extra care fast clean-er wiping polish clothe-s, pad, glove, dry fabric duster-s, black dashboard wipe, applicator kits

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