INKULTURE Stainless_Steel Measuring Cups & Spoon Combo for Dry or Liquid/Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking & Baking Cakes…


COMPLETE‬ 4 PCS CUPSET of supreme quality and sturdy stainless steel measuring cups, including 60ML (1/4Cup), 80ML (1/3Cup), 125ML (1/2Cup) and 250ML (1Cup) and COMPLETE‬ 4 PCS Measuring Spoon Set of high quality and sturdy stainless steel measuring spoons with ring , includes: 1/4 TSP(1.25 ml), 1/2 TSP(2.5 ml.) , 1 (5 ml.) teaspoon, and 1 (15 ml.) tablespoon.
FOOD SAFE measuring cups & spoons made with food grade stainless steel that will never rust, peel or chip off to contaminate your food.
DISHWASHER‬ SAFE and super easy to clean, thus ensuring complete hygiene with each use, whether you measure dry of liquid ingredients.

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