Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads for women | Organic Cotton Pads | All XL : Box of 30 Pads - with Disposable bags | MADE…


ULTRA- SOFT MATERIAL: Azah Sanitary Napkins are ultra-soft pads, made of 100% organic cotton. They offer maximum comfort with an ultra thin, breathable bottom improving air circulation.
NON-TOXIC & RASH-FREE SANITARY PAD: Azah guarantees a rash-free experience with their cotton sanitary pads for women offering superior comfort, making it suitable for all kinds of skin types.
4X MORE ABSORPTION: Azah Sanitary Napkins for women are made of extra absorbent & high-quality material making them 4x more absorbent than an average sanitary napkin making it a perfect heavy flow pads for women.

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